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Disney injects lesbian character
into animated children's movie

January 24, 2020 -- An amazing story is told of a woman who believed she was in her Freeport, Massachusetts home. Her doctor asked her to explain the bank of elevators just down the coridor from her room. “Doctor, you have no idea how much time and money it cost me to have those installed,” she explained.

In reality, the woman was in the hospital. Though otherwise mentally and physically normal, a brain lesion had apparently affected her ability to recognize reality. And, it appears, her mind filled the void: She created an alternate reality. What's more, she honestly believed her alternate reality.

When confronted with conflicts between reality and alternate reality, her mind instantly filled the gaps.

Her delusions were extreme, but we all seem to do the same. We have delusional perceptions of reality and when faced with cognitive dissonance, our brains create explanations. 

It appears that social engineers have altered our perception of our gestalt. Like the woman explaining the elevators, we resolve the conflict with explanations that accommodate our alternate reality. We wonder why other can't see our reality and often become frustrated, even angry, at their obstinance.

Thinks of yourself as a research scientist. The world is your laboratory. Observe.

Cultural Marxism has utilized the media to implant virtual "lesions" in our brains. We see a very distorted reality that seeks to justify cognitive dissonance. 

This phenomenon of the media altering our perceptions of reality can be demonstrated simply by observing the changes in our collective thinking over recent decades. 

For example: In 1990 we found transgenderism and homosexuality repugnant. We viewed the Confederate as a benign cultural symbol of the South. No one considered, let along argued, that more than two genders existed. White privilege was observed by no one. The "lesion" has not yet been implanted in our minds.

Who changed our minds? Who implanted "lesions" in our brains? How did this mind-changing phenomenon occur? When did it happen? 

And most importantly: What is reality? 

Our "brain lesion" perceptions of reality are a natural phenomenon. While exploited by cultural Marxism, we can also observe it in other spheres, such as religion.

When I was a fundamentalist Baptist Christian, I was as convinced that the rapture was nigh. It was my "home in Massachusetts." 

Millions of religious people actually believe that cows are their reincarnated ancestors, that Joseph Smith actually found gold tablets and translated them, and that a super spirit being spoke the universe into existence in six days. 

Observe a Benny Hinn crusade. Note the thousands of people caught up in the gestalt that permeates the arena. Some are highly intelligent individuals who, otherwise, have a firm grip on reality. 

The effects of "brain lesions" can also be seen in conspiracy theories. The moon landing was a hoax, the 9-11 attack was an inside job, and the Rothschilds are behind every war in the past 200 years. Those who hold these views say they have "done my research" and become quite angry with those who dare disagree. 

Keep this in mind: Those who believe in man-made climate change, holy cows, and moon-landing hoaxes are absolutely convinced they are real. Sometimes the "lesions" can be removed through creating cognitive dissonance within the minds of believers. Other times those minds are hopeless lost in a fantasy world.

What do you think?

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