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January 26, 2020 -- A mother expressed empathy for the teens who beat her son. 

The Tennessee woman apparently fears stereotyping the teens.

According to reports: One of the teens asked the woman's son for one dollar. 

He gave it to them. 

The teen saw a twenty in his victim's wallet. 

He didn't give it to them. So they attacked. 

 "One of them held him from behind, while another one was punching him on the sides of his head,” the mother said. 

"I am highly offended by people saying that this was stereotypical black children acting violently," she added.

Some call this pathological empathy or pathological altruism. 

No arrests have been made, the report said. 

The mother would like to talk to the teens. 

What do you think? Do you think feral teens should be pampered? Or punished?
Take aways ▼

• I wonder if a black mother would empathize for a group of white racists were they to beat and rob her son. I wonder if there is any record of that occurring. Did Trayvon Martin's mother empathize with George Zimmerman who killed her son in self defense?

• Packs of black teens roam the streets of virtually every majority black neighborhood like hyenas searching for prey. For this reason, many black areas suffer directly from crime and indirectly through economic hardships.

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