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Jobs reflect slavery:
Democrat 'splains away Trump's record

January 31, 2020 -- A Tennessee judge said he regrets saying the words "regular white man." 

Judge Haywood Barry's words were apparently recorded in a court room during a private conversation. 

"I'm not going to be a slave," he reportedly added. 

In a nation hypersensitive to race, most any allusion to race by a white person can be deemed racism. 

"I'm sorry I made it," he reportedly said of the statement. "I'm ashamed of the fact that something like that would even come out of my brain." 

Tennessee's judicial code of conduct prohibits words that "manifest bias or prejudice" based on race. 

Why do you think the phrase, "working like a white man," is considered racist? 

Is it because it suggests non-whites don't work?
Is it because it was positively portrays white men?
Is it because it was spoken by a white male? 

Leave your answer below. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel that posted the video and click the video's 'thumbs up' button.  

* What do you think?

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