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November 10, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Make up your mind, Jane.

Were you given special privilege during your night in jail because you are a white movie star? Or were you locked up with no one but cockroaches? 

In an interview with Jane Fonda, hollywoodreporter.com asked, "So how were you treated while spending the night in jail?"

Jane replied, "Well, you know, I'm a white movie star."

The implication was that she received privileged treatment because she is white and famous. 

The follow-up question was, "How closely did you mingle with the general prison population?"

"I was in for 20 hours and for seven hours I was in a cell. It was a holding pen. All of the cells had multiple people in them except mine. In my cell it was just me and the cockroaches. But after seven hours I was taken to another cell block where there were four other women. And then another one where there were six other women. I talked to them and heard their stories," she reportedly said.

Fonda, nearly 82, was jailed after leading a climate change protest. Many leftists deny that climate change is a natural phenomenon preferring to imagine it is caused by free-market capitalism. As such they should be considered climate-change deniers. 

In 2018, Fonda co-starred in The Book Club, a movie that featured an all-but-two white cast of 36 credited actors (based on photos of the cast members). The sole black actor appearing in the film, besides extras, was James Adam Tucker who played a minor role as a court deputy. How fitting. Ravi Kapoor is the other non-white credited actor. He is of Indian heritage and played a minor role as a doctor who was assigned the sexist line, "It sounds like we have a lethargic pussy on our hands," while examining Candice Bergen's character's cat. 

Excerpt from hollywoodreporter.com ▼

According to reporter Ted Johnson, who was on the ground covering the protest — which began at the U.S. Capitol building and concluded at the gates of the White House — Fonda left early. "Jane Fonda has now left, but gave a big hug to Ben and Jerry before she did," he reported via Twitter. Speculation for the early departure revolved around Fonda being potentially slapped with a longer stay in jail after racking up a number of misdemeanors in a short amount of time. Last week, she spent the night in jail after her fourth arrest. She reportedly faced weeks this time around.  


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