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November 17, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- A homeless man was video recorded assaulting two random women at an Arizona iHop. See video below.

• The advent and proliferation of inexpensive video devices may be invasive, but they hold criminals accountable and counter urban myths propagated by social justice warriors. 

• Strange. I hear no complaint from "feminists". We would expect real feminists would be tying their pink pussy hats in knots. They are not. There may be a reason. 

It seems in the hierarchy of social justice offensives, racism trumps everything else; including sexism. In the fantasy-world construct of cultural Marxism, only white people are offenders and only non-white people are victims. When reality (even if it's caught on video) contradicts that dogma, it may not be acknowledged. To note the sexism (man attacking women) would require us to also acknowledge the attacker was black and the victims were white. Acknowledging black-on-white racism is anathema to the cultural Marxism mindset. And so, social justice warriors simply pretend the incident did not occur. 

From abc7.com ▼

 A violent rampage at an IHOP restaurant in Phoenix was caught on video.

The footage shows a man - later identified as a 47-year-old homeless veteran with mental health issues and a criminal record - grabbing a coffee pot and beating two random women.

Surveillance footage later shows her with blood on her face. At one point she returns to get her things, but the man then throws a podium at her.

She starts to fight back and the two can be seen throwing cups and dishes at each other.

Later the suspect steals a purse left behind by a family that fled the restaurant when the violence began. He goes into the kitchen and starts a fire on a stove, burning himself in the process.

The attack happened in September, but the footage was released this week. The suspect was arrested and is facing multiple charges.


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