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October 1, 2019

When Zimbabwe was great it was Rhodesia

DAILYKENN.com -- Three days after the burial of dictator Robert Mugabe and 40 years after the collapse of Rhodesia, Zimbabwe's previous white-controlled government, the nation is facing a collapse of its infrastructure. 

• Fuel-price crisis

The cost of fuel has increased 775 percent this year. Fuel prices were hiked 11 percent today (October 1, 2019). 

• Water crisis

The worse water crisis in 40 years is gripping Zimbabwe. According to apnews.com, water supplies were cut off to resident in and near the Harare, the nation's capitol. The nation can't afford to buy chemicals necessary to clean the water. 

At the Chivero reservoir, the city’s main water supply, plastic bottles, vehicle tires and algae floated in the shallow water which was green and emitted a choking, foul smell.

Zimbabwe’s capital now frequently records cases of diseases such as typhoid due to water shortages and dilapidated sewer infrastructure. Some residents for months have been forced to get water from shallow, unsafe wells and defecate in the open, while children pick their way across fetid yards. [source]

• Currency crisis

Zimbabwe's currency is currently valued at 13.85 to the US dollar. In February the valuation was 1 to 1. [source]

• Food crisis

Zimbabwe's maze production has dropped by 54 percent this year. [source] The water shortage exasperates the crisis leaving the nation no choice but to imported grain from South Africa which is, oddly, allowing its farmers to be murdered. 

• Transportation crisis

Zimbabwe's rail system has crumbled, forcing imported food to be transported by road which is hampered by increased fuel costs. [source]

• Health crisis

Zimbabwe is no stranger to cholera outbreaks. Businesslive.co.za is reporting a new outbreak looms as a result of the nation's water shortage. 

Last year, Zimbabwe suffered its worst cholera outbreak in a decade, which killed at least 26 people.

The country has also been facing intermittent outbreaks of typhoid, which is also a water borne disease.

Zimbabwe is in the grips of its worst economic crisis in a decade that has seen inflation become the second highest in the world after Venezuela while citizens endure shortages of foreign currency, fuel, and electricity cuts that last up to 18 hours.



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