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October 4, 2019 -- Nobel Prize announcements are scheduled for October 7-14, 2019. These include three science categories: Physiology or Medicine, Physics, and Chemistry.

Race realism deniers hate the Nobel science prizes. The reason? The awards corroborate with and vindicate the fact that some people groups are inherently more intelligent than other groups. 

Specifically, Nobel science prizes tend to be disproportionately awarded to Ashkenazi Jews, whites, and East Asians. The reason? In the aggregate, Ashkenazi Jews, whites, and East Asians tend to be more intelligent than other people groups. 

That reality is anathema to the fake science of cultural Marxism. Marxism assumes there is no intelligence disparity between races. It adheres to a reality-denying notion that apparent differences are the outcome of social injustice. 

After a hundred years and countless peer-reviewed studies, settled science concludes that racial intelligence disparities are inherent. Intelligence, it turns out, is a primary predictor of income and wealth in free-market societies. It's no wonder, then, that East Asian's in the USA tend to have higher incomes per household than whites. 

Therein lies the rub. Marxism dogma mandates that wealth disparities must be attributed to social causes. Social engineers then set out to calibrate wealth disparities by tinkering with the free market system. For example, Affirmative Action (a misnomer) programs set out to give "disadvantaged" and "marginalized" people groups an unfair advantage in an effort to adjust natural income disparities.

A problem arises when evidence contradicts Marxism's "sacred science" dogma. The Nobel science prizes are exhibit 'A.'

What to expect? 

Don't expect the far-left to accuse the Nobel prizes in sciences of racism. That would draw attention to the reality that Nobel Laureates reflect race realism. Rather, expect the far-left to deem the prizes to be absurd in that they overlook otherwise worthy winners. In short, expect the far left to attempt to discredit the Nobel science prizes. 

That seems to be the left's current strategy as seen in an article titled, The Absurdity of the Nobel Prizes in Science by Ed Yong and published at via

Meanwhile, leftists are lobbying for Greta "How dare you!" Thunberg to win the Nobel Peace Prize.


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