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Real horror story:
Airline adopts gender-denial policy

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October 3, 2019 -- Here's a warning to school teachers who wish to keep their jobs: Comply with the insane thought-reform strategies of the moonbat left, or get pink-slipped. 

A Virginia school teacher lost his job after refusing to address a student by his preferred pronoun. The xx-chromosomed (female) student wanted to be a boy.

• The effect will be the vetting of conservative, Christian, and sane Republican school teachers leaving only those who subscribe to the far-left cultural Marxism agenda (or those who won't challenge it.)

• The effect will also be a set precedent for future insane but enforceable far-left policies.

• The teachers' union was apparently silent, siding with the school board member which constitutes implicit endorsement of their policy. 

• Teachers' unions often slate candidates for school boards, throwing their considerable influence behind far-left candidates.  

• The decision underscores the fact that thought reform takes precedence of education. A good teacher was fired, denying students access to quality education and forcing them to accept a milieu of leftist intolerance. 

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A Virginia high school teacher who was fired for refusing to use a transgender student’s preferred pronouns has filed a lawsuit against the school district.

 Officials at West Point High School, about 40 miles east of Richmond, cited nondiscrimination and anti-harassment policies in December when it terminated French teacher Peter Vlaming over his refusal to call a female-to-male transgender student by his preferred pronoun.

But Vlaming fired back in a lawsuit filed on Monday, accusing the West Point School Board of violating his right to free speech. He said he was fired because he avoided using pronouns all together when referring to the student, who was transitioning to male at the time.

Using male pronouns, such as "him" and "he" when addressing the student would have violated his "conscience," Vlaming said in the suit, citing religious beliefs.


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