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October 8, 2019 -- Only 2.2-billion of 6-billion euros promised to Turkey by the European Union has been received. The funds were intended to support "refugees" invading Turkey from Syria.

Now that nation's president, Recip Tayyip Erdogan, is reconsidering his stance on allowing Syrian "immigrants" to invade his nation. 

According to, the euros were intended to go directly to the invaders in the form of financial aid via e-cards and the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education (CCTE) program that is intended to entice "refugees" to actually send their children to school.

Ostensibly, the money is not necessarily deposited in Turkey's treasury. It does, however, boost that nation's economy. In other words, it appears Erdogan is not receiving his bribe money from the EU to allow his nation to be invaded by Syrians posing as "refugees" and "immigrants." 

Rather than bolstering Turkey's economy through EU handouts, the presence of Syrian invaders is an economic burden on the country. 

“You either give support, or you don’t,” Erdogan told the Turkish parliament in September. “Sorry, but we can only put up with so much. Are we going to shoulder this burden alone?”

Among the 75-million people who live in Turkey, 3.6-million or nearly five percent are Syrians. 

Also affecting Turkey's economy is the nation's average IQ of 89. The average IQ in Syria is 82, meaning the invasion of Syrian refugees is literally dumbing down Turkey's overall population. See the correlation between IQ and wealth at


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