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October 27, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- "When you have a hammer," one person commented, "everything is a nail."

And so it was that fake news venues promptly found white racism when two Indian boys were arrested after allegedly assaulting a younger black girl. They used the 'n' word and urinated on her.

From twitchy.com ▼

A pair of Indian-American boys reported [sic] attacked African-Americans girls at a New Jersey high school football game, and according to Dr. Nell Irvin Painter, author of “The History of White People,” in the New York Times, the boys were “enacting American whiteness” and showing how “race is something we perform,” not just something related to the color of our skin.  
Were blacks to attack Indians, would that also be considered white racism?

“In the New Jersey incident, the heritage or skin color of the boys suspected of the assault doesn’t matter,” Painter explains. “What matters is that they were participating in this pattern and thus enacting whiteness in a very traditional way.”

Conclusion: All racism is white racism.

If the Indian boys were considered acting out whiteness, could they not rather have been acting out blackness? Blacks, after all, are more likely to commit violent crime than whites. And could it be the girls were acting out whiteness? In that scenario we could report that black boys attacked white girls. 

(The media failed to report the cause of the disturbance. Could it be the black girls initiated the conflict while the Indian boys, unburdened with white guilt, reacted accordingly?)

While were at is, why not attribute black-on-black violence to enacting white violence. Let's pretend black aggressors are pretending to be imagined hooded Klansmen. For example, a 3-year-old black girl was found dead in a dumpster. We can excuse her black alleged killers as enacting white violence.

From abc7ny.com ▼

Lawrence Township police say four middle school girls attended the game and were allegedly harassed, and two teens of Indian descent are accused of hurling racial slurs and urinating on a least one of the girls, who were black. 


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