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October 5, 2019 -- While cultural Marxists busy themselves damning make-believe white supremacists, real people are being massacred — literally massacred — around the world. Leftists could not care less. 

One victim, 35-year-old Braam Blignaut, died today (October 5, 2019) from wounds inflicted by savage Africans in 2015. The savages invaded the Blignaut farm in South Africa with the intent to steal. Blignaut was shot three times in the presence of his children. His wife was shot as she fled to neighbors for help, but managed to survive. 

He leaves behind his wife and four children. 

So, go ahead, my Marxists friends. Cry me a river about imaginary white supremacists and your fairy-tale fantasies of days gone by when white people — allegedly — massacred random Negroes in the Jim Crow South. 

Meanwhile, today, people of color as literally being massacred by Islamic hate groups even as leftists segregate themselves in white majority neighborhoods where they practice the white supremacy they pretend to abhor. 

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