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September 4, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- So many aliens flooded into Sweden's municipalities during the fake refugee crisis that native whites who built the cities are compelled to flee. That vacuum of skilled labor is creating a income shortage for jurisdictions that depend on taxes. It's akin the dilemma facing major American cities that have seen their white majorities flee over the past 100 years. (New York City was nearly 100 percent white in 1919.)

Ironically, many of the whites who are fleeing regions overwhelmed by non-whites cling to their convictions that diversity is our strength. 

From breitbart.com ▼

A Swedish municipality that took in one of the highest numbers of asylum seekers per population faces a crisis as natives move out and decimate the local tax base.

The municipality of Filipstad took in many asylum seekers during the migrant crisis of 2015 and now are facing increasing costs as unemployment among migrants has surged and financial assistance rates have tripled, broadcaster SVT reports.

Claes Hultgren, the local municipal manager, described the situation, saying of the migrant population: “In this group, unemployment and dependency are very high, while education levels are very low. This group runs the risk of ending in an eternal alienation that is already heavily burdening the municipal economy.”

“They are too old maybe and are illiterate, or have a very low educational level. We must then accept that there will be some people who will need the support of society for their livelihood,” Hultgren added.


From svt.se ▼ Google translation

Desperate situation in Filipstad after the refugee crisis - domestic-born leave the municipality


ASSIGNMENT REVIEW · In Filipstad, municipal employees are alerting an increasingly desperate situation. Assignment review review of the statistics testify why. It shows that domestic-born people of working age leave the municipality - at the same time as unemployment is soaring in the foreign-born population. But the jobs that exist, the unemployed can not get. And now the municipality risks going back with SEK 30 million.
Autumn 2015. Thousands of refugees apply for asylum in Sweden every week.
Filipstad in Värmland is one of the municipalities that receives the most refugees in relation to their population. Entrepreneur Bert Karlsson has recently opened three new asylum homes and the municipality is protesting.
At the asylum houses, Assignment meets refugees who risked their lives on the trip to Sweden. Many are traumatized and worried about loved ones in their home country, but also about what would happen in the new country.
Soon, four years later, the asylum residents are gone. There are still empty buildings - and a municipality in crisis. For some years now, the cost of financial assistance has tripled and unemployment among foreign-born people has skyrocketed.

In 2018, Filipstad paid out nearly SEK 30 million in financial aid. For 2019, the forecast is 31 million. Photo: SVT

"Risk of ending in eternal alienation"

In the municipalities' latest financial report, municipal manager Claes Hultgren describes the situation:
“In Filipstad, around 750 adults live in Syria, Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Iraq. [...] In this group, unemployment and dependency are very high, while education levels are very low. This group runs the risk of ending in an eternal alienation that is already heavily burdening the municipal economy. "
- Many of these people do not really have the conditions to enter the labor market, says Claes Hultgren.


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