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September 14, 2019 -- Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas still clings to his black nationalism roots; according to The New Yorker

That's strange, considering his wife is white. "Until 1986, when Thomas met Virginia Lamp, who is white and would become his second wife," the article says, "he opposed interracial sex and marriage."

Thomas is best known for being the longest serving Justice, remaining mostly silent, and his conservative perspectives. He is also permanently scarred by Joe Biden's lynch-mob-like attack during his confirmation hearings. 

Thomas seems to be obsessed with race.

According to The New Yorker, "On the Court, Thomas continues to believe—and to argue, in opinion after opinion—that race matters; that racism is a constant, ineradicable feature of American life; and that the only hope for black people lies within themselves, not as individuals but as a separate community with separate institutions, apart from white people."

The story continues to describe Thomas's formative years. Growing up in a black environment, he found himself ridiculed by other black children who mocked his darker-than-average black skin. That seems innate among black kids. During my four-year tenure at a black majority high school, I was amazed as the calloused ridicule blacks suffered from fellow black students. They would ridicule everything from physical features to clothing ("you wear dem same pants everyday"). Ridiculing the mothers of other blacks ("Yo mama") seemed to be the most common insult. 

Thomas apparently continues to embrace the black identity views espoused by Malcolm X. “I don’t see how the civil-rights people today can claim Malcolm X as one of their own,” he said. “Where does he say black people should go begging the Labor Department for jobs? He was hell on integrationists. Where does he say you should sacrifice your institutions to be next to white people?”

And, "As he told Juan Williams, who wrote a profile of Thomas in The Atlantic, 'The whole push to assimilate simply does not make sense to me.'" 

Apparently, Thomas's epiphany that moved him to embrace conservative views was the realization that government would not (or could not) help black people. 

The article also reveals, "If anything, Thomas believes that the state should—where it can, within the law—support the separation of the races. Looking back on his education, in an all-black environment, Thomas has admitted to wanting to 'turn back the clock' to a time 'when we had our own schools.'" 

Taken to the extreme, racial segregation would result in ethno-states, such as Israel and Liberia. There are currently a number of de facto black ethno-states whose populations are virtually homogeneous. That begs the question: How segregated must be to retain cultural and racial integrity and identity?   

From Black athletes should leave white schools ▼

Both Liberia and Sierra Leon are ethno-states where only blacks are allowed to become citizens. Benin, Guinea-Bissau, Lesotho, Mozambique, Tanzania, Togo, and Gambia are de-facto black ethno-states, each with a black population of at least 99 percent. (Hill may want to encourage American blacks to immigrate to one of those nations to protect themselves from the evils of white privilege.) Japan is reportedly 99 percent Japanese. North and South Korea are also racially homogeneous as is Iceland [source].

If a white American expressed the racial views of Clarence Thomas as presented by The NewYorker, he would promptly be demonized then ostracized as a white supremacist. 

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