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Why are "feminists" in Sweden
afraid to speak out?

September 23, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Posters declaring "Islam is right about women" are appearing in the Boston suburb of Winchester, Massachusetts. Printed on plain white paper, the posters are taped to road signs and utility polls.  

No one seems to understand the meaning of the posters.  

Let me help. 

The signs are apparently designed to create cognitive dissonance. That is apparent when you listen to the responses provided during televised news interviews. The message, "Islam is right about women," exposes the inconsistency of far-left thinking. The far-left pretends to oppose Islamophobia and misogyny at the same time. That, of course, is impossible in that Islam is a misogynous religion. You cannot rationally be an advocate of Islam and women's rights.

In reality, the signs say, "Cultural Marxism is irrational." That's the message the signs intend to convey. The message is rephrased to draw attention to that reality. 

 From whdh.com ▼

 Residents in Winchester are debating free speech versus hate speech after flyers reading “Islam is RIGHT About Women” were found plastered around town.

Anita Davison told 7NEWS that she was walking her child to school on Wednesday when saw the concerning flyers struck to street signs near the town’s center.

Davison says she was alarmed by the sight of the flyers and immediately ripped them down.

“Political climate at the moment, and all the things happening around the world, it just puts a little fear in you,” she said.

After Davison brought two flyers to the Winchester Police Department, officers went out and found eight more, including one that was posted outside of an elementary school.

Some residents say they think the signs refer to strict laws applied to women.

“Putting signs up that make people feel uncomfortable is unfortunate, particularly in this time and age,” Jim Leary said.

Police say the signs were not threatening and considered free speech. They opted to get rid of them because they were placed on town property.

Davison hopes others will do as she did if more signs pop up.

“Most people have been supportive of the decision to take them down,” she said. “Others have said that I’m not for free speech but I really am. I just feel like that was on the side of hate speech.”

No one has come forward to explain the meaning behind the message.


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