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after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

September 16, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- A white man is seen laying on the pavement after being beaten by a pack of feral black teens. The teens amuse themselves by running and jumping on their victim. He recoils in agony.

This is the breakdown of our culture. 

Had this been a white-on-black assult, there would be a media firestorm rebuking it as racism. 

Fox News, however, preferred to describe the assults victims as "vulnerable" people.

• Such violent crime is one driving reason that black neighborhoods remain economically depressed. No sane person would risk their well-being to open a business in such areas. 

• Meanwhile, the far left continues to demonize police as anti-black. Consequently, there is a dearth of qualified individuals willing to serve in urban areas. That leads to a breakdown of American culture; particularly in black areas.

• Where are the parents of these hoodrats? We can only assume these "teens" were sired by males just like them: Irresponsible and savage street thugs.   

• Donald Trump needs to send in the National Guard to restore order.  

From foxnews. com ▼

Fox News has obtained a series of disturbing videos showing mob-style attacks in downtown Minneapolis in which police say “vulnerable” victims were targeted and brutally beaten for valuables such as cellphones.

Police told Fox News that an “incredible” law enforcement investigation led to the arrest of 16 people in connection to the videos. They face assault and robbery charges, among others.

In one daytime video, a mob can be seen pummeling a man just outside of the Minneapolis Twins’ stadium. At one point, the attackers run to gain speed and jump on the victim. They ride a bike over him, take off his pants and beat him with a belt. The victim appears to defend himself but is outnumbered and overpowered.

In another gruesome video, two young men appear to be attacked. They’re punched in the face and appear to fight back. One is knocked unconscious.

In a third video, a young man is surrounded by a mob and beaten unconscious. The video appears to show something being taken from his pocket once he’s on the ground.

All of these videos are emerging as the city of Minneapolis is dealing with a crippling shortage of police officers. The chief of police, Medaria Arradondo, has requested 400 additional officers over the next few years to make up for the shortage.


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