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Student arrested for uttering
the N-word

September 24, 2019

Twenty-one-year-old Eliot Stowe has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to first-degree murder in the death of his 66-year-old white grandmother, Cheryl Stowe. The crime is not considered domestic terrorism.

DAILYKENN.com --The Department of Homeland Security will seek "to steer individuals away from violence" as it initiates an effort to crack down on domestic terrorism. Specifically, the DHS plans to focus on white supremacists. 

Kevin McAleenan, acting DHS secretary said, "The continuing menace of racially based violent extremism, particularly white supremacist extremism, is an abhorrent affront to our nation, the struggle and unity of its diverse population, and the core values of both our society and our department."

McAllenan cited the attack at an El Paso Walmart as an example. Nothing was mentioned regarding trans-generational black-on-white violence that claims the lives of hundreds of whites each year. 

In recent weeks:

• A 59-year-old white man died after being assaulted by [black] juveniles at a fair in Frederick, Maryland. The unprovoked attack is not considered racial terrorism. [source]

• A 20-year-old white woman's body was dumped in a stream after she disappeared in Birmingham, New York. A 19-year-old black male has been arrested. The crime is not considered racial terrorism. [source]

• A white teenager was forced into a car trunk and shot in the face. His body was dumped at a Civil War museum. Two black teens were arrested. The crime is not considered racial terrorism [source]

• A white police officer was killed and his partner shot. A black teen has been arrested. The crime is not consider racial terrorism. [source]

• A white 66-year-old woman was allegedly killed by her partially black grandson. The suspect has entered a not-guilty plea by reason of insanity, reports say. The black-on-white crime is not considered racial terrorism. [source]

Reporting black-on-white terrorism could be considered "spreading racial hatred." Websites that report black-on-white domestic terrorism may be considered domestic terrorists simply because the expose the minds of American to reality and alert white people to the perennial threat of black-on-white domestic terrorism.

"The government will also do more to discourage technology companies from hosting websites that spread radical hate," according to nbcnew.com.

"Fighting racism" has long been an excuse to curtail the First Amendment. 

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