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September 20, 2019 --Police are advising Swedes to stay home at night lest they fall victim to a recent spate of bombings. 

"According to the latest statistics there has been over 120 explosions in Sweden so far this year, a 45% increase from the year before."

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Swedish Police Warn Public of Going Out Late at Night Due to Recent Spate of Bombings

25 people were injured after a massive explosion hit apartment buildings in Linköping in June.

The police in the city of Malmö has now warned Swedish citizens to be more vigilant after a young woman was seriously injured in a bombing attack last week.

Students were on their way home from parties in the city of Lund, when a 23 year old woman happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A grocery store was blown up by a massive bomb, and the woman got serious injuries to her face. She was collateral damage. Witnesses have told how the woman screamed, fell on her knees and collapsed, and how she had blood all over her face. Other witnesses tell how buildings were shaking during the attack.

Police went on the radio in Malmö to warn the public about the risks of bombs. Göran Holmgren from the police said that “we want to make people aware of being more careful” especially during the evenings and at night.

On Tuesday a school was evacuated in the Swedish city of Trollhättan after police were alerted to a suspected bomb in a nearby car. People living in nearby apartments also had to be evacuated.


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