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September 12, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- The Vancouver Sun is recoiling in horror after an op/ed dared suggest that multi-culturalism is not our strength. The op/ed — authored by Mark Hecht — was published in the newspaper, prompting a posse of far-left haters to condemn the publication. 

The Vancouver Sun apologized for publishing the op/ed. That apology smacks of the very bigotry and intolerance that leftists pretend to abhor. While culture Marxism welcomes hordes of migrants, it has no tolerance for those who disagree with the multi-layered tenets of its cult-like faith. Failure to comply with cultural Marxism's dogmas often leads to over-the-top shaming, jamming, expulsion from the group, and shunning. Excommunicated heretics often find themselves social piranhas and worse; many lose their employment. 

The maltreatment of those purged for sane thinking sends a clear message to all: Think in lock-step with Marxist doctrine, of this will happen to you.   

You may read his heresy here ►

Hecht's offense included the following thoughts:

“[M]any western nations assumed that ethnic and cultural diversity through immigration would be beneficial” many have “ended up with a lot of arrogant people living in their countries with no intention of letting go of their previous cultures, animosities, preferences, and pretensions.”

Here's an excerpt ▼

 Studies by researchers Hooghe, Reeskens and Stolle in a 2008 paper indicate that ethnic diversity in and of itself is not inherently destabilizing, at a national level. A country can indeed have multiple ethnicities and still have high social trust. But there is a catch.

It is at the neighbourhood scale, where high ethnic diversity erodes trust, according to researchers Peter Thisted Dinesson and Kim Mannemar S√łnderskov from 2015. The more direct the interaction with ‘diversity’ the more social trust goes down. This accounts for why people segregate themselves into ethnic enclaves. People like to be around others that are the same as them. We trust those we assume are like us. Those overwhelmed by newcomers that are not like themselves, lose trust, and soon move out.

This is quite a paradox. Diversity at a national level does not necessarily erode trust but at the neighbourhood level it does. How can this be?

Switzerland is a good example of this paradox in action. With four recognized ethnicities—German, French, Italian, and Romansh—they also have high levels of social trust. But how? Simple. Each ethnicity has its own geography and government. It does not mix ethnicities, nor does one try to control the others.

If a country does want ‘diversity’, expect enclaves to form. This may work out fine in the long run as it has in Switzerland. Or it may turn into a bloody mess as it repeatedly does in the Balkans. The other option is low diversity.

Denmark had the latter. It worked well. Now, it wants it back again and that will require its immigrants to integrate. Those that don’t will have to leave.

So, is excluding certain people from one’s society a requirement? The short answer is, absolutely. The long and more reasonable answer is, if you do let people into your country then make sure they hold similar values—compatibility. Make sure they want to fit into your society fully and completely—cohesion. With these two requirements satisfied, and with a sprinkle of Protestantism, the country will be well on its way to generating high levels of social trust. 


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