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August 20, 2019

DAILYKENN.com --Miss Nevada, aka Katie Jo Williams, has been banned from competing in the Miss America pageant for 2019. Ostensibly, the ban is the result of Williams' excess in political expression. 

Williams seems to think the ban was a result of her support for Donald Trump. 

That prompts the question: How much political expression is too much? The answer came from pageant officials. Williams would be required to deleted virtually all of her politically oriented social media posts. That is, even a single Facebook post endorsing Donald Trump or conservative values constitutes excess. 

Some of us are old enough to recall when the far left pretended to champion free speech and the First Amendment. The far left excoriated Sen. Joe McCarthy for exposing communist agitators in Hollywood. They even created their own neologism for the phenomenon: McCarthyism. In the late 1960s leftists championed the free-speech rights of the Smother's Brother comedy after their television program came under fire for its left-leaning bent. 

It seems the far left only advocates free speech when they are speaking. The rest of us will be summarily blacklisted.

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