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August 8, 2019

DAILYKENN.com --It's a cognitive dilemma that the far left seems incapable of comprehending: If there is no race, then racism cannot exist.  

But they keep trying to reconcile that which cannot be reconciled. In the end, however, one conclusion always emerges: White people are evil racists. 

A case in point may be found in a recent TIME magazine article. The author seems frustrated that college students enter his class with the silly notion "that race and whiteness are deeply, biologically real." 

The solution is deprogramming notions of biological race realism and displacing with the sacred science dogma that there is only only one race, the human race. 

Meanwhile, the far left presses ahead with demands for reparations for blacks who decended from black slaves held in the USA. No reparations are planned for white decendents of those held as indentured servants whose lot was often far worse than those designated as slaves. 

• The far left also fails to note that the first legal slave holder in the nation's history was Anthony Johnson, a black colonist from Africa. 

• It also fails to mention that thousands of free blacks owned slave labor in the ante-bellum South 

or that blacks actively participated in the slave trade. 

•  The fact that white people effectively ended legal chattel slavery that has been part of human existence since time immemorial is never mentioned.

• The fact that blacks slaves living in North America had a higher standard of living than blacks living in Africa is ignored. 

• It is never mentioned that black slavery in the USA was more akin to adoption or foster care. So-called "slaves" had rights, housing, food, medical attention, and other benefits normally not associated with slavery in Africa. Granted, some "slaves" were abused, but, then again, some foster children are abused as are some school children. (Google "teacher arrested" for documentation.

• Unless the students read the work of Henry Louis Gates, they are probably unaware that blacks were rescued from black African chieftans

Excerpt from time.com ▼ 

Every semester college students come into my social science classes knowing two incompatible things: that racism and white nationalism are repugnant, but that race and whiteness are deeply, biologically real. The former is linked to white supremacy and the history of European colonialism. But the latter is simply a matter of science—or so they seem to believe.

They have read Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” They can name the uprooting of Native Americans and the Atlantic slave trade as their country’s foundational sins. Students from some progressive school districts have also learned to call race a social construct, the product of history and government policy, not of our genes. But that is not the norm in my classroom. Many, perhaps most, of my undergraduates have learned how to be analytical racists—believing that humanity is objectively divided into timeless, genetic races—at the same time they have been taught to reject racism as self-evidently evil.

Racism is not just the claim that people can be categorized as better or worse based on the racial category to which they are assigned. It is also the belief in the innate, universal reality of a thing called race—the concept of an inherent “whiteness” or “blackness” or “Asianness” that many American students have absorbed from the earliest moments of their lives.

In fighting the ideology of white supremacy, teaching racial tolerance or multiculturalism in history or English class won’t do the trick. Along the science hallway, America’s schools are wasting a critical opportunity to use data-driven knowledge to unpack the country’s most enduring falsehood. To combat racism, schools must work harder to unbuild what young Americans learn as racial common sense.

Only a few decades ago, biology classes talked openly about race, but via theories of human difference and hierarchy taken for granted at the time. Maps showed the planet as divided into exclusive racial geographies—“Negroids” there, “Mongoloids” over there, “Caucasoids” nearer home.

Everyone had a race, students were taught. You were born into one and died in one. You passed it down to your children. Some people might be “biracial,” the product of reproduction across racial lines. But that was only a way of saying that they were a mixture of two more fundamental things—a hybrid, like a new rose variety.


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