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August 19, 2019

President Donald Trump is correct in his efforts to limit migrants from s***hold countries. And the reason goes beyond terrorism. 

Not a single child or woman on board

About  60.5 percent of documented sexual assaults by physicians in Britain are attributed to foreigners. Oddly, the National Health Service wants fewer to face discipline for their sexual indiscretions. And to our knowledge, the fake feminist movement is standing behind the NHS by their silence. 

We do things different in western nations, such as respecting the dignity of women. Apparently, many physicians from Muslim-dominated nations have a different cultural ethos. 

The problem with creepy doctors was documented in Britain and likely holds true in the USA as well.

According to dailymail.co.uk ▼

Foreign doctors are revealed to be behind 60% of all sex assaults on patients - but NHS wants fewer of them taken to disciplinary hearings

 •   Foreign-trained doctors accounted for 23 of 38 incidents in the past three years

 •    The allegations said to include indecent behaviour, sexual assault and even rape 
 •    Figures on sexual misconduct obtained under the Freedom of Information Act 
 •    After high-profile case of Czech-trained Anush Babu who filmed female patient


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