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August 27, 2019

Hear Atty. Bill Johnson and guests discuss this story on the EthnoState live YouTube stream Tuesdays at 6 pm Eastern. CLICK NOW TO WATCH ► --The ever-so-vigilant far left has uncovered another trace of white racism in the cornfields of Indiana: A Bloomington-area farmers' market.

Bloomington, Indiana is the home of Indiana University.

Apparently, members of the antifa cult took offense after discovering one of the produce hawkers had dared post bits of white advocacy on the Internet. The accused woman was one of many members of the professional class antifa cultists had outed as backers of Identity Evropa (IE). The group has been defamed as "white supremacist" by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). (Note: The ADL recently "outed" my YouTube channel, targeting it for deletion.)

What to do? Antifa cult members reportedly maintained a presence at the market, an apparent attempt to shame their victim and punish her by driving away customers.

Backers of free expression are encouraged to visit the market, seek out the Schooner Creek Farms booth, and buy her goods. Opponents of white rights are invited to join the antifa protest by donning clown suits and parading through the market with signs reading "I'm an antifa clown" pinned to their clothing.

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