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August 12, 2019 -- I have no idea what gay people have to be proud of, but if they care to peacefully assemble for a rally, they should be afforded that right. 

The same holds true from normal people. 

Modesto, California, officials denied an application from the National Straight Pride Coalition on Friday. The organization requested a permit for space at Graceada Park for an August 24 event.

The officials cited safety concerns as their excuse to deny the permit. 

"Critics say the National Straight Pride Coalition does not celebrate heterosexuality. Instead, they say the group spreads a hateful, anti-gay message and has white supremacist undertones," according to

Apparently the critics are fortunetellers. They know what will occur at the event before it happens. 

Leftists pretend to be advocates for inclusion. Their oppositions to the straight pride event proves they are not for inclusion, but exclusion.

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