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August 17, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- New rules in Britain forbid advertisements reinforcing harmful gender stereotypes. Ads can be banned if they cause offense, according to the left-leaning BBC. 

Among the first ads to fall victim to the thought reform rule was a Volkswagon commercial featuring a white woman with a baby. 

The left is intent on herding our thoughts into the cultural Marxist coral. Cultural Marxism should be considered a dangerous cult that creates fake moral absolutes to which we must adhere as if they were cardinal religious doctrines. Among those is sameness, mislabeled "equality" or "equity", which is a foundational element of Marxism when applied to the masses. 

Excerpt from BBC ▼

[T]hree people complained about an ad for the Volkswagen eGolf car.

It showed a sleeping woman and a man in a tent on a sheer cliff face, two male astronauts floating in a space ship and a male para-athlete doing the long jump, before cutting to the final scene showing a woman sitting on a bench next to a pram.

Complainants said that the ad perpetuated harmful gender stereotypes by showing men engaged in adventurous activities in contrast to a woman in a care-giving role.

Jess Tye, investigations manager at the Advertising Standards Authority, told the BBC that gender stereotypes in advertising could cause "real-world harms".

"Ads that specifically contrast male and female stereotypes need to be handled with care," she said.

"It's about thinking about what the cumulative effect of those gender stereotypes might be."


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