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August 20, 2019

DAILYKENN.com --Conversations about race are permissible, providing those conversations only present the far left's distorted opinion that white people are oppressors and non-white their oppressed. 

Anyone who dares to entertain thoughts outside that narrow Marxist paradigm — bourgeois vs proletariat — faces censorship. 

Here's a case in point. 

DailyKenn.com's YouTube channel has been added to the Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) short list of white supremacist channels. This, in spite of the fact that our channel routinely includes non-white contributors and panelists. 

The ADL's report got it wrong on several points. 

• I do not live in Indianapolis, though someone with a similar name does live there. 

• The domain name was misspelled. (It's dailykenn.com; not dailykeen.com).

• DailyKenn.com presents itself as "America's premier anti-racist website." Unlike other anti-racist sites, we include anti-white racism.  

•  I am not a host of the EthnoState show. Bill Johnson is the moderator and Paul Fromm is his co-host.

• The report claimed our channel had 119,434 views. We've had millions of views. The number cited apparently represents a 28-day time frame. 

• My book, Kennisms, is not "a book of offensive/racist quotes known as 'Kenn’s Laws.'" Apparently, the author of the article didn't bother to read the book. Much of the material can be found on this website. See for yourself here ►

One has to wonder, What else does the ADL get wrong? 

For clarity...

• Am I pro-white?

Consider this syllogism:
I am pro-people.
White people are people. 
Therefore I must be pro-white.

(Actually, I am pro-everyone. If you are pro-everyone, you also are pro-white.)

• Am I a white nationalist?

I am white.
I am not a globalist.
Therefore, by default, I must be a white nationalist. 

(Then, again, all white people who are not globalists are white nationalists.)


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