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July 8, 2019 --Why would record numbers of non-white people desire to leave their non-white nations and invade Donald Trump's white supremacist America? 

Stef W. Kight at offered a few reasons some of which we surmised below with our commentary:

Push factors ▼

• Violence. 

Hispanic-dominated nations tend to excel in violent crime. ranked nations by their homicide rate per 100,000 residents. Eight of the ten deadliest countries are south of our border:

1. Honduras (90.4 per 100,000)
2. Venezuela (53.7 per 100,000)
3. The United States Virgin Islands (52.6 per 100,000)
4. Belize (44.7 per 100,00)
5. El Salvador (41.2 per 100,000)
6. Guatemala (39.9 per 100,000)
7. Jamaica (39.3 per 100,000)
8. Lesotho (38 per 100,000)
9. Swaziland (33.8 per 100,000)
10. Saint Kitts and Nevis (33.6 per 100,000)

By comparison, the USA ranks 111 at 4.7 homicides per 100,000.

• Malnutrition

Many nations south of the border struggle to feed themselves. When natural disaster strikes, things get worse. The USA has an infrastructure that enables residents to be fed, housed, and clothed in spite of natural disasters. 

• Across-the-board government corruption

From traffic cops to heads of state, corruption is a cultural phenomenon in most countries south of the border. 

Pull factors ▼

• Free-market economy

Innovation couples with free markets produce wealth. 

• Asylum system incentives

Federal laws prohibit illegal aliens from being held over 20 days. To become technically legal invaders, aliens merely need to claim they are seeking asylum. 

Years pass before asylum seekers' cases are reviewed. This is due to a massive back up. 

What's more, detention centers provide free health care, free food, and free housing. Compared to living conditions south of the border, being held in detention in the USA is akin to winning the lottery. 

• Now or never

As America's first sane president in recent years presses forward with immigration control, many south of the border head north before entry becomes more difficult. 

As aliens continue to invade America, they bring their crime-plagued culture with them. They also import their lack of ingenuity to create wealth and innovative skills to develop advanced health care. As more people with low intellects invade the USA, our nation's average IQ will drop. Low intelligence is correlated with wealth. This will increase the wealth disparity allowing the far left to cite discrimination as the cause. Ultimately, the USA regress to third-world status. When that occurs, the term 'third world' will become moot as all nations will be equally poor, plagued with corruption, and violent. "Social justice" will be achieved.  



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  1. South Africa is our future - in 20 years you won't recognize this country anymore.


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