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July 22, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Marianne Williamson, a woman known for her far-left activism, was video recorded as she led a large crowd of white people to apologize to blacks en masse. The whites were instructed to "repeat after me." 

They said, in part,  "I apologize. Please forgive us. With this prayer I acknowledge the depth of the evils that have been perpetrated against black people in America. From slavery to lynchings to white supremacist laws to the denial of voting rights to all the ways, both large and small, all of the evil, all of them wrong, for all the opression, and all of the injustices, I apologize. Please forgive us." 

Here are reasons white people should never participate is such disgusting escapades:

• It's a thought reform technique. Robert Jay Lifton refers to such techniques as "ethos of confession" and has said, in effect, there is no thought reform technique anymore powerful. Lifton demonstrated in his book that those who repeatedly confess crimes they did not commit will often come to believe their own confessions. 

• It requires lying by omission. Apologizing for slavery is effectivly admitting you were complicit in America's slave era. 

• It distorts reality. The fact is: Blacks have a higher standard of living in the USA than anywhere else on the planet. That is why hordes of black Africans are sneaking across our border with Mexico after making the long trek from their homelands. Even during America's slave era, blacks had a higher standard of living than their kinsmen living elsewhere.

• Being sold into slavery from Africa was was akin to winning the lottery for black slaves. Most black Africans were sold into slavery by their black-African owners. (See Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Ending the Slavery Blame Game). Conditions for black slaves in Africa was brutal. Women were raped and murdered, children considered useless and killed, males were forced to participate in wars. Black slave holders in Africa were known to be held as cattle; a food source for cannibals. By comparison, American slavery was more akin to foster care or adoption. 

• Blacks owned black slaves in the antebellum South. Thousands of free blacks owned slave labor. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., referred to it as a "dirty little secret." South Carolina's largest slave owner in 1860 was William Ellison, black man. What's more, the first legal slave holder in the nation was a black man; Anthony Johnson.  

• Black-on-white and black-on-black crime is epidemic. FBI statistics reveal that over fifty percent of homicides in America were committed by blacks, most by black males ages 18 to 49 who comprise about 4 perent of the nation's population. Should black males apologize to the black community?

• White people invented almost everything that enhances the lives of all humanity, including blacks. 

Judah Benjamin was an ethnic and practicing Jew
who served the Confederacy as Sec. of State.

End note: Some contend that Williamson's anti-white rhetoric is due to her Jewish lineage. However, there have been many patriotic Amerian Jews throughout our nation's history. These include Judah Benjamin, the Secretary of State of the Confederacy, whose image graces some Confederate currency.  


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  1. On reparations for slavery, the negroes owe us the price of a one way ticket from Africa. Had it not been for "slavery" those black malcontents would still be in Africa running down a dirt path, half naked with a spear in their hand chasing down their next meal.


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