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July 26, 2019


DAILYKENN.com -- A group of black youths (called "teens" by the far-left media) were video recorded savagely attacking a white tourist in Washington, DC. That attack occurred at about 1 a.m. July 14, 2019 at the Hilton Hotel where Ronald Reagan was shot. The incident occurred just outside the hotel. 

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Nothing has changed in decades. Fifty years ago, when I attended a majority black high school in Indianapolis, such black-on-white feral mob attacks were the norm. White kids learned early to avoid blacks. 

Feral black behavior is our nation's legacy. 

• Jim Crow laws were enacted in parts of the country to protect white people from what was once called "rascality." A contemporary term is "ratchet" behavior. 

Shortly after a provisional government was established in Oregon in 1842, the governing council enacted a "lash law" that outlawed blacks from being in the jurisdiction due their violent behavior. 

• Not all blacks are violent, nor are all violent people black. However, government statistics and casual observation reveal that blacks tend to be more prone to violence than other ethnic groups. While dark skin does not cause violence, the prevalence of violent behavior is observed universally in black communities pointing to a genetic rather than cultural cause. 

• The violent behavior observed among blacks stands in sharp contrast to the contrived behavior demonstrated by the media such as seen in television commercials where blacks are portrayed to be docile, intelligent, and behaviorally white. 

• Over half of all homicides in the USA are committed by blacks who comprise about 13 percent of the nation's population. Most of the homicides are committed by black males, ages 18 to 49, who comprise about four percent of the population. About four percent of the nation's population commits about half of all violent crimes.

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