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July 15, 2019 -- What is hate speech? It's an excuse to censor. 

That was made apparent when YouTube removed a video by British patriot, Tommy Robinson. Robinson was sentenced to six months in prison last week after exposing Islamic grooming gangs and defending the gang's victims; mostly young white British girls.  

The video was made in anticipation of being imprisoned. It was to be posted only if Robinson was detained and unable to take his case to the public. 

That video was posted on a YouTube channel run by Cassandra Fairbanks, a reporter with The Gateway Pundit

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It appears that the conviction and sentencing of Robinson is intended to intimidate others into silence. Robinson was arrested after reporting outside a court in Leeds, UK where 27 men and two women were being tried for nightly raping girls as young as 11-years-old over a period of years. 

Prior to recording at the site, Robinson reportedly went into the courthouse to inquire about reporting bans. Staff members told him they were aware of no such bans. What's more, no mention of bans were posted on the court's video screens, where such bans would normally be posted. Nor were there any other notifications of bans, such as simple fliers posted on entries. It appears that Robinson may have been set up; intentionally lured into making a report allowing authorities to make an arrest. 

Prosecutors argued that Robinson's reporting biased the court by including images of the defendants. There was no evidence offered that the report had any effect on the court. 

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