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July 9, 2019

DAILYKENN.com --Joey Allen is dead. The 40-year-old convenience store worker was fatally stabbed while working the night shift at a Salt Lake City convenience store. 

Arrested is Tukka Gonne, 21. The African alien was arrested for murder and aggravated assault hours after the murder.

The incident was video recorded by the store's security system. A tracking dog was used to locate Gonne. 

The victim leaves behind two young daughters. 

According to deseretnews.com, 

Tukka Gonne, of Salt Lake City, the man accused of killing the clerk, is only 21, but already has multiple arrests for assault and alcohol-related offenses.

Gonne reportedly came to the USA from Ivory Coast, Africa. 

From deseretnews.com ▼

A convenience store clerk was stabbed and killed early Wednesday and a friend was also stabbed during a confrontation outside the store, police said.

Tukka Gonne, of Salt Lake City, the man accused of killing the clerk, is only 21, but already has multiple arrests for assault and alcohol-related offenses.

Police have not yet released the names of the victims, but the clerk was identified by family and friends as 40-year-old Joseph "Joey" Allen.

The incident happened at Maverik, 1270 S. Main, about 3:30 a.m.

A group of four people was hanging out at the store before the confrontation occurred.
Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office
Tukka Gonne

"There were some issues with them being on the property," said Salt Lake police detective Greg Wilking. "They were asked to leave and a fight broke out."

When the clerk and his friend who was with him went outside the store, the friend pulled out something that appeared to be a pipe, Wilking said.

"The surviving victim was holding a long cylindrical object, later discovered to be a metal rod, in his hand. He then swings or throws the object at the males," a Salt Lake County Jail report states. One of the victims was then knocked to the ground and a fight ensued in the parking lot.

Surveillance video shows the group of four then moving from the northeast end of the parking lot to the southwest end, the report states.

That's when Gonne pulled out a knife and stabbed the two men, Wilking said.

"The video shows (Gonne) come up behind the victims with a large shiny object in his right hand. (Gonne) thrusts the object toward the victims," according to the report. "One victim is taken into the store, where he collapses and dies. The surviving victim was stabbed several times."

In this case, Wilking said detectives don't believe an argument of self-defense is valid because Gonne and the others had the chance to walk away rather than engage in a fight.

The friend was hospitalized in serious but stable condition. "He's expected to hopefully recover," Wilking said.



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