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June 8, 2019 -- When the far-left set its sites on blowing away Andrew Anglin's Daily Stormer website, patriots kept a safe distance lest they be soiled with the stain's of antisemitism. 

That was a mistake. The core issue was never Anglin's opinions. It was free speech. The far-left chose Daily Stormer as a soft target for an express purpose: To establish a precedent. 

The left then booted Alex Jones from YouTube, proving that preserving Marxist ideology while purging dissidents took precedence over profit. With the purge of alt-right venues from the Internet in full swing, leftists went after the alt-light (Laura Loomer, for example).

YouTube is at the forefront of the war against sanity. It's not that Jones' oddball conspiracy theories or Anglin's edgy commentary could remotely be considered sane, but that free speech is the insurance policy that assures the continued survival of liberty-loving cultures. 

Those who defend free speech are sane.

The video sharing platform is now warring against content creators to the right of center. Steve Crowder's (Louder with Crowder) head seems to be next on the chopping block. And it all began, remember, with the attack on Andrew Anglin.

The left justifies its intolerance by claiming to war against intolerance. YouTube's official statement openly boasted of breathing life into the #smartbrowngirl movement. However, a #smartwhitegirl movement would be promptly condemned as hate speech.

Read YouTube's statement here ►

The irony is that the far-left's fifth estate is faltering on their own. Think Huffington Post. And think Vox that is suffering under the weight of a workers' walkout.

Meanwhile, the right-of-center online media has always prospered; particularly on YouTube. To stumble and fall they must be pushed. What the left doesn't like, it labels "hate speech" and pushes them off the platform.

What's more, it appears the overwhelming majority of YouTubers -- including those who are politically benign -- are white. YouTube is the #smartwhitegirl movement. And it hates it!

The far-left's noise making simply doesn't resonate with sane people. Leftists seem to excel at chanting inane slogans but lag behind in real media communications. As Fox News crowds out other cable news venues, conservative kitchen-table production efforts dominate YouTube. They also dominate Twitter and Facebook, when they are not being shuttered under condemnation of 'terms of service' violations.

The left can't win on a level playing field. They can -- and do -- excel at tripping competing ideologues who collectively committed the unpardonable sin of contributing to Donald Trump's 2016 election win.  

I recently posted a video on my Facebook page that scored over 2-million views. Facebook countered by blocking profiles associated with that page. The page sits dormant; the victim of left-wing censorship.

To their credit, the far-left has dominated one key component of the fifth estate: ownership. The left owns YouTube. It owns Facebook. It owns Twitter. That has to change. Until it does, the sanity of free speech will remain under attack. 


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