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June 3, 2019 -- Am I the only one who views the so-called "women's movement" as akin to the NXIVM cult? Both prey on women's desire for empowered. 

A women testified in court that she was held by the cult for two years in a single room with blacked out windows. She was testifying in the trial against Keith Raniere. 

Raniere, the founder of Nxivm, is facing federal charges of racketeering, sex trafficking, sexual exploitation of a child,  human trafficking, and more. 

Nxivm is women's empowerment organization. Women enrolled in the group's high-priced self-improvment classes. The group's structure seems similar to that of Scientology. 

A few advance to the privileged D.O.S. org. According to the documentary Cults and Extreme Beliefs, "D.O.S. is an acronym for Dominus Obsequious Sororium, which roughly translates to "'master over the slave women.'" Or, domination over women.

As Nxivm promises to empower women, but apparently enslaves them. The fake-feminist movement promises to do the same. 

From CNN ▼

For two years, she said she was kept in a single room with blacked-out windows. She had only one set of clothes, which she wore for weeks at a time without washing. And she barely had any contact with the outside world.

The story of forced isolation came from a woman, identified by prosecutors only as "Daniela," who testified last week in the trial against Keith Raniere, the founder of Nxivm, the Albany, New York-based company that sold pricey classes claiming to help people achieve success.

Raniere faces federal charges of racketeering, sex trafficking, sexual exploitation of a child and human trafficking, among others. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

Daniela described how she went from being a bright and promising high school student in Mexico with dreams of becoming a scientist to being pulled into the self-help curriculum of Nxivm, and eventually kept in isolation in a room for nearly two years at the direction of members of the cult-like group.


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