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June 14, 2019 --Johnny Peluyera is dead. The 16-year-old was gunned down after attempting to sell his Xbox to two black teens.

Reports say the victim advertised his Xbox for $50 online. The black teens apparently responded to his ad as a set up to rob him. Upon seeing a gun, the teen's father alerted him. As he ran away, the victim was fatally shot, apparently in the back. 

• Media bias in reporting race crime described the suspects as "African American males." The term 'African American' is used by the far-left mainstream media to lend undeserved respectibility to ratchet blacks. profiled the suspects as "males in their late teens or early 20s wearing basketball shorts" and hoodies. The publication profiled the suspects by gender and age, but not by race. While that may seem to inhibit the public's ability to assist authorities in capturing the suspects, reality is that most woke Americans assume the suspects are black without being told.  

• Media bias is race perceptions

White Americans tend to retain a misperception of black culture. That misperception is fueled by the entertainment industry that only presents civilized blacks while ignoring the innate savagery that permeates virtually every black community on the planet. Consequently, many white people are fully unaware of the violence they may encounter when they venture into black neighborhoods. 

• Lying by omission

The false perception advanced by the media extends to social media. Social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and others routinely tamp down or delete content that is forthright in revealing the extend of black-on-white violence. Honest reports show up on alternative social media cites such as (video), (social media), and (social media) where they will not be seen by a broad spectrum of viewers. Consequently, honest content providers are extremely limited in their ability to communicate accurate reports to the general public.  

• Violence impedes economic prosperity.

Informed white people are reticent to trade in black neighborhoods due to violence and other criminal activity such as shoplifting. This includes retail businesses, shopping, and individual transactions. The net result is economic constriction.   

• Race-related violence

Gary, Indiana is a once-prosperous city that regressed toward the African norm as black violence drove away white residents. Social commentary often cites the implosion of the steel industry to explain the city's economic straits. However, nearby Hammond, Indiana experienced the same impact of the faltering steel industry, but with less violent crime. Gary, Indiana is 81.49% black while Hammond, Indiana is 22.5% black with a white majority. East Chicago, Indiana, is 36.08% black. The three cities are adjacent to each other in Lake County.  

• Skin color correlates to violent crime

Skin color does not cause violent crime, though violent crime correlates to skin color. The skin-tone and crime connection is not causal; it is coincidental. Were it causal, white people would become more violent in summer months when their skin tans due to sun exposure. Rather, individuals who commit violent street crimes, such as those who took the life of Peluyera, tend to be (a) males with (b) IQs ranging in the high 70s to mid-90s, and (c) between the ages of 18 and 49. The profile of violent criminals, then, seems to be gender, intelligence, and age. Violent criminals also tend to display low impulse control. In other words, violent criminals seem to be genetically predisposed to violent crime. That is, it's not skin but kin.  

From ▼

 A 16-year-old from Gary was shot and killed Thursday while attempting to sell his Xbox.

The teen, identified as Johnny Peluyera, was with his father when they met up with two men near 51st and Maryland streets to sell the teen’s Xbox. They arranged the meeting using an online sales app.

The boy’s father said he knew something wasn’t quite right. He spotted a gun and tried to warn his son, but the teen was shot in the back as he tried to run back to his father’s car.

Peluyera was pronounced dead shortly after.

His mother, Kelly Arroyo said she can't believer her son is gone. She said he was a wonderful kid who loved video games and cars. He had just gotten his license and was about to get his own Trans Am.

His parents and sister were heartbroken.

“I just completely don’t understand,” his mother said. “I don’t understand how somebody, over an Xbox, can take somebody’s life.”

The men were described as two African American males in their late teens to early 20s. No further description was provided. Police believe the men are from the area, and are asking for the public’s assistance.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

Police want the public to remember to always meet at a safe place — like a police department’s parking lot — when dealing with online sales.

Peluyera was set to be a junior at Merrillville High School in the fall.


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  1. Guess his parents never taught him to Avoid The Groid.

  2. Anyone with American racial experience can see 100 ways this incident was avoidable. We all make mistakes. But the unusual number of mistakes made by this father and son has got to be some kind of new fatal stupidity record.


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