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June 14, 2019 -- An activity room owned by a church in Sweden was bombed . . . for a second time!

We could only find one mainstream news venue story about this terror attack. It appears the left-dominated media is attempting to hide the story. 

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 Updated Friday June 14 at 11.04  Published Friday, June 14 at 05.32

Police still do not know who or what is behind the night's explosion outside a party room belonging to St: Afrem's church in Geneta in Södertälje.

Just before three o'clock on the night of Friday, the police began receiving a number of calls from residents who were awakened by a higher bang, says Peter Asp, officer in charge of the Stockholm police.

Police patrol has during the night found that a detonation occurred on the Klockarvägen in the Geneta area of Södertälje.

No person should have been injured.

- What I know is also limited with material damage, says Peter Asp.

A technical survey was conducted on Friday, but the police still do not know what caused the detonation. A general hazardous destruction notification has been initiated.

The police contact center has, via telephone, contacted local residents to collect information. During the weekend, the Södertäljpolisen will be in place in the area.

In September,  an explosion occurred at the same church . The preliminary investigation after that event was closed a few weeks ago.

Lars-Erik Hedberg, group manager for serious crimes at the police area south of Stockholm, says that one looks at any links between the events.

- There is much to indicate that the events are connected, but it is too early to say.

Is there a threat picture against the church or the premises?

- I don't want to comment on that. It's way too early to go in.

According to the police, there is nothing to indicate that detonation "has to do with religious aspects", they write on their website.

Ola Gäverth
Stefan Hesserud Persson


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