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May 31, 2019 -- It seems President Donald Trump is finally getting around to filling one his campaign promises: Making Mexico pay for the wall . . . through tariffs. 

The president announced his is imposing a five percent tariff on goods coming into the USA from Mexico until the Mexican government stops illegal immigration. The tariffs will increase until the Mexicans comply. 

Meanwhile, the American stock market is expected to retreat. 

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President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he intends to place a tariff on all Mexican goods until the country helps curb illegal immigration to the United States.

In a series of tweets, the president revealed the “big league” announcement on immigration that he teased Thursday morning. (RELATED: Trump Says He Will Be Making A ‘Big League Statement’ On The Border)

“On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP,” Trump wrote. “The Tariff will gradually increase util the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied, at which time Tariffs will be removed.”


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