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May 12, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- A judge ordered the state of Florida to issue ballots in Spanish as well as English. The ruling affects 32 of Florida's 67 counties.

The ruling discriminates against an estimated 6,498 of the 6,500 or so languages currently in use. 

It appears to be an effort to beef up Democratic voter tallies. Most Spanish-speaking Hispanics vote for Democrats. Considering Florida is a key state in presidential elections, the ruling could possibly add enough voters to swing the state to the far-left blue column in 2020.  

The ruling also underscores the displacement of white European culture in the USA.

The top ten languages ranked by number of speakers are:

1. English
2. Chinese
3. Hindi
4. Spanish
5. French
6. Arabic
7. Russian
8. Bengali
9. Portuguese
10. Indonesian
The ruling sets a precedent for other states to follow. 

From foxnews.com ▼

A federal judge ordered 32 Florida counties to provide ballots in Spanish beginning next year, stating that failure to do so would be a violation of the Voting Rights Act.

The order was in the form of a preliminary injunction in a case brought by voters who were educated in Puerto Rico and are lacking proficiency in English, The Palm Beach Post reported.

"Compliance with this Order is not optional," Chief Judge Mark Walker of the Northern District of Florida Gainesville Division wrote in a Friday ruling. "This Court will not hesitate to use every tool the law provides to enforce this Order."

Judge Walker reportedly noted that Section 4(e) of the Voting Rights Act "prohibits English-only elections for those citizens — yes, citizens — educated in
Puerto Rico in Spanish." (emphasis in original) Therefore, he ordered that the 32 counties in question must provide voters with ballots in Spanish starting with Florida's primary election scheduled for March 17, 2020.


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