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May 23, 2019 --About 700 students at a California government school went missing from class earlier this month. The parents of the children kept them home rather than subject them to a homosexual education class. 

Schools often use inclusiveness, equity, and tolerance to justify such classes. Oddly, they fail to include or tolerate classes emphasizing the accomplishments of other people groups such as fundamentalist Christians, conservative Republicans, and proud descendants of the Confederacy. 

To discriminate in favor of one people group is to discriminate against all other groups that are not included.  

The school district is located in Rocklin, California.

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Parents objecting to a Rocklin School District Board decision to include a curriculum in the early grades touting the achievements of LGBT people did not allow their children to go to class Friday in protest.  They say at least 700 students stayed home in the 12,000 student district.

A heated Board meeting on Wednesday resulted in a 3-2 vote to include a curriculum approved by the state law that seeks to introduce more inclusiveness in school teachings.

But parents say young children are not ready for discussions that may confuse them and that parents, not the district, know the maturity level of their kids the best.

They offered a compromise to introduce the study materials after the fifth grade as some other school districts have done.  But a legal opinion by district counsel said that wasn't possible.

District attendance figures weren't immediately announced but district officials did expect to lose some state attendance funding and lamented the lost day of instruction for some students.

It says that the curriculum will be tweaked to take into account some concerns raised by parents but some parents suspect that the decision was predetermined.


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