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May 13, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- A black alderman in St. Louis, Missouri says he is saddened by the level of violent crime in his district.

Ward 3 Alderman Brandon Bosley said, "This is not normal."

The violent crime that is both endemic and epidemic in America's black neighborhoods is normal relative to those areas. It is abnormal relative to the rest of the nation. 

Bosley proposed a fix: Send in the National Guard to restore order. That fix, if it were to succeed, would be temporary. As soon as the Guard retreated, the violent crime would return. 

That demands the question: Considering the pervasive reality of elevated violent crime in virtually every black neighborhood in the nation, what is a permanent fix? 

First, let's analyze the problem. 

• Blacks in Minnesota committed 57 percent of homicides though they represent a mere six percent of the population. [source]
• Blacks in Nashville, Tennessee committed 84.6 percent of homicides though they represent 28.4 percent of the population. [source]
• Blacks in Michigan committed 68 percent of homicides though they represent 14 percent of the population. 
• Blacks in Madison, Wisconsin committed 83 percent of homicides though they represent eight percent of the population. [source]
• Black in the USA commit over 50 percent of homicides though they represent about 13 percent of the population. [source] 

Second, let's ask, "What doesn't work?"

• Blaming white people doesn't work. 
• Blaming institutional or systemic racism doesn't work. 
• Blaming slavery doesn't work.
• Incarcerating disproportionate numbers of blacks doesn't work. 
• Electing a black president doesn't work. 
• "Affirmative Action" doesn't work. 
• Low black unemployment doesn't work.  
• Blaming "the Jews".
• Blaming poverty.
• Blaming lack of education or educational opportunities.

Third, let's ask, "What does work?"

Human behavior is, at its root, neurologically based and, therefore, behavior is ultimately an inherited trait. Environment can affect behavior, but only because the individual possesses on inherent disposition to react to the environment's stimuli. 

What works is birthing babies parented by intelligent individuals who possess non-violent and non-criminal traits. These traits include elevated intelligence. That cannot occur until the government at all levels end mindless incentive programs that reward low-IQ black mothers to make babies. Rather, our culture should encourage intelligent, responsible blacks to create offspring to carry on their traits. Within a few generations, the violent crime problem among blacks would nearly disappear. 

In the meantime, we need to bring in the National Guard. 

From kmov.com ▼

 Deadly violence in St. Louis has prompted Alderman Brandon Bosley, who serves Ward 3, to request the National Guard to come into North City and address the issue.

“The most important part is getting everyone to the table so we can have a realistic conversation about what our options are,” Bosley said. “Whether it's the National Guard, the Black Panthers or the Navy Seals … I cannot say what it is that we'll come to some sort of an agreement on."



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