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April 29, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Add photography to the long list of racist elements that comprise Western culture. That list includes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, super-hero movies, and camels.   

Now photography is said to favor lighter-skinned people. 

The problem of racism in the arts is so complex that a two-day conference is scheduled this week to address the dilemma. It's called Vision & Justice and is hosted by Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.

Only the wilfully blind miss the racism in this image
The racist element of photography is apparent when photographers encounter dark skinned faces with dark backgrounds or dark faces with contrasting backgrounds. Either way, it's racist. 

Consider this snippet from a New York Times article on the topic:

“We have a problem. Your jacket is lighter than your face,” the technician said from the back of the one-thousand-person amphitheater-style auditorium. “That’s going to be a problem for lighting.” She was handling the video recording and lighting for the event.  
It's nothing new. In 2015 priceonomics.com published an article detailing the far-reaching challenge of photography being biased to favor white people.  

As Concordia professor Lorna Roth writes, “Film chemistry, photo lab procedures, video screen colour balancing practices, and digital cameras in general were originally developed with a global assumption of ‘Whiteness.’”

There is actually a rational reason why the far left wants us to see racism (read "white racism") in everything. It's a akin to heuristic bias or, as some call it, availability bias. We tend to agree with readily available information.

If we see white racism in everything, our minds will likely agree that white racism is prevalent and ubiquitous. That translates into a perceived serious epidemic of social injustice. That, in turn, compels us to demand a cultural shift that favors the far left. In other words, it's a thought reform technique. 

Heuristic bias is not limited to seeing the hobgoblins of white racism at every turn. It is also applied to climate change alarmism in which our brain "sees" an impending apocalypse with every change in weather. Heuristic bias is at work when some see the ghosts of Zionism behind every calamity. Some evangelical Christians interpret events as evidence of the imminent return of Jesus and the following War of Armageddon. In fact, most every conspiracy theory and religion has some component of heuristic bias. "I once was blind, but now I see" is a refrain that suggests heuristic bias is in play. Those who fail to agree are assumed to be wilfully blind.

It appears the human mind is naturally attuned to heuristic bias. The far left hijacks this natural phenomenon to psychologically chain its victims to its insane ideology. 

The potholes that plague your city are caused by Zionists who own asphalt companies and profit from constant repairs. They are also caused by climate change that is eroding Mother Earth, thanks to polution-spewing free markets. They are also evidence of the immenent return of Jesus that is preceded by seismic activity that causes potholes. They are also evidence of white supremacy. Not that potholes proliferate in economically depressed urban areas that are dominated by black populations. 

What to do? I suggest we use heuristic bias to seek out the subtle cues employed by the media to affect our thinking. For example, the next time you flick on your television, watch for social justice nods such as inter-racial families, bad guys portrayed by white guys, Muslims characters cast in authority roles, physicians portrayed by non-whites (and women), or just watch a recent Gillette commercial. 

Read a list of stuff that is (white) racist at everythingisracism.com. 


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