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April 15, 2019 -- Embrace that which the globalist left hates. There are, of course, a few exceptions. But the general rule stands. 

Case in point? Nigel Farage. The far left hates Farage. Embrace him. The far left hates Brexit. Embrace it. The far left hates the new Brexit Party. Embrace it as well. took a swing at Farage. That's a cue that Farage deserves our support. The site's post claims, "The Brexit Party, like everything Farage touches, is all about division."

Leftists have a knack for displacing substance with slander. Rather than delve into the divisions caused by open-border immigration, the far left projects their hate. 

For the record, the Brexit Party was founded by Catherine Blaiklock who the globalist left eagerly maligns as Islamophobic and racist. 


Just when you thought it was safe to come out again... On Friday morning, Nigel Farage popped up in a metal-finishing factory under the M6 on the outskirts of Coventry to launch the new Brexit Party and declare himself its leader. At the weekend one opinion poll had the new party on 15 per cent – just a couple of percentage points behind the Conservatives in voting intentions for the May European elections. The Tories may be trying to pretend that the UK won't have to take part in the EU elections – and that even if we do, then they are a complete irrelevance – but there is no disguising the short-term threat the new party presents. Many lifelong Conservatives are openly considering voting for the Brexit Party in May.



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