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April 13, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- A government school forced a teen student to cover her Trump shirt during the school's American pride day. 

Apparently the school is teaching young women to be anti-choice, that their bodies are not their own, that free expression is contingent upon the whims of the far left, that their constitutional rights end at the school gate, and that the primary focus of government schools is indoctrination, not eduction. 

From boston25news.com ▼

A student in Epping, New Hampshire said she was asked to cover up when she wore a political t-shirt and hat to her school's "patriotic day."

Epping High School freshman, Ciretta Mackenzie, said she was told by the principal that her "Make America Great Again" shirt and hat violated the school's dress code policy.

The freshman chose to wear the "MAGA" gear on Monday, which was "America pride day" as part of the school's spirit month. She said she didn't know it would cause a problem.

"It’s just a shirt, and it only says Trump make America great again, it doesn’t say anything like build a wall, so I don’t get how it could be offensive, how it could be disrespectful," she said.

Ciretta said she borrowed a friend's sweatshirt and took off the hat, but feels like her First Amendment rights were violated.



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