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April 24, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- A black man has been charged after fatally shooting another black man who robbed a convenience store. Jeremy Z. Simmons is accused of voluntary manslaughter. 

The shooter was working as a means to access cash. The second man resorted to robbing those who work as a means to access cash. 

The crime occurred February 2, 2019 in Richmond, Virginia. 

Working at a convenience store in a black neighborhood is a dangerous occupation. 

A Google search revealed  hundreds of examples of clerks being attacked. Among those are:

Feb 17, 2019 - A newlywed convenience store clerk in Texas was shot to death early Friday during an armed robbery,

7 days ago - Detectives are searching for a man who pistol-whipped and shot a clerk at a Midland convenience store early Wednesday.

6 days ago - The Pierce County Sheriff's Department is asking for the public's help identifying a suspect that shot a gas station clerk during an armed robbery

One clerk was shot after a would-be robber and another clerk exchanged gunfire during an attempted armed robbery of a Dayton Sunoco station. 

Mar 29, 2019 - Oklahoma City police are searching for a man they said shot a clerk multiple times Friday morning

From wtvr.com ▼

"During their investigation, Richmond Police detectives determined that several hours earlier, at approximately 3 a.m., Harris had robbed a convenience store in the 2100 block of West Main Street where Simmons was working as a clerk," a Richmond Police spokesperson said. "During the robbery, Simmons fired several shots at Harris inside the store from his personal handgun. Simmons pursued Harris outside the store and fired several more shots as Harris fled the area."In addition to voluntary manslaughter, Simmons was also charged with discharging a firearm in public.

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  1. I know simmons personally he would have never shot him if he never came around the counter he gave him all the money and the robber said he was gonna kill him 3 times even before during and after he gave him the money he forced his hand the robber wanted blood jeremy is a very nice man he only had his gun becuase he was working the store by himself at 3am where drunks from the clubs come in it was robberies happening in the area before this happend so he just did not want to be a victim and he almost was had he not acted fast but he was scared and afraid for his life he gave the man all the money the man still didnt leave said he was gonna kill him then came around the counter with a one way in one way out that man was intended on killing my friend


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