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April 22, 2019

Media stalks Mueller at church on Easter -- One would think public figures could at least attend church without being stalked and harassed. 

That, apparently, is not the case when the stalkers are the far-left, mainstream media. 

Robert Mueller was confronted outside St John's Episcopal Church in Washington, DC as he left Easter morning services. The stunt gave the far-left media an opportunity to propagate it's Russian collusion conspiracy theory. 

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Easter Sunday outside of  St John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C., special counsel Robert Mueller was confronted by NBC News congressional correspondent Mike Viqueira.

Viqueira asked, “Sir, could I ask you a couple questions? Will you testify before Congress, sir?”

Mueller replied, “No comment.”

Viqueira said, “Are you sure about that, sir?”

Mueller replied, “I have no comment.”

Viqueira continued, “If he were anybody but the president, would Mr. Trump be indicted, sir? Sir, why didn’t you make a recommendation to Congress one way or the other, sir? Did the attorney general accurately characterize your positions on conspiracy and obstruction, sir?”

Mueller ignored the reporter as he entered the car.


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