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April 12, 2019

DAILYKENN.com --Hardly a day passes when white women aren't brutally raped or murdered by blacks. Oprah seems oblivious, preferred to focus on past lynchings. She seems unaware that white people are routinely "lynched" by black mobs for the crime of being white. By definition, lynching doesn't require a rope. It is "an extrajudicial execution carried out by a mob."

Oprah Winfrey is likely ignorant of the epidemic of black-on-white violence in America. 

According to breitbart.com, the black billionaire blasted America speech at the “Women in the World Summit.” Organizers of the event could have invited Candace Owen who says black people are doing better under Trump. The opted for the far-left leaning Oprah, instead. 

She also reminded women they were oppressed. 

I wonder why billionaire Oprah said nothing of the millions of women who are currently existed in horrid conditions imposed upon them by the Islamic rape culture? 

I wonder why Oprah said nothing about the blonde German woman who was raped and murdered in Thailand? [source]

I wonder why Oprah said nothing about the blonde American woman who was fatally stabbed at a North Carolina Taco Bell? [source]

I wonder why Oprah said nothing about the black man found guilty of raping and killing a white woman as she was jogging in New York? [source]

I wonder why Oprah said nothing about the woman who was allegedly killed my a black male she presumed was an Uber driver? [source]

I wonder why Oprah said nothing about the woman whose was murdered and her body stuffed in a closet? [source]

From breitbart.com ▼

“We live in a country that has somehow confused cruel with funny, serious with intelligent, attitude with belief, personal freedom with stockpiling assault weapons, and what is moral with what is legal,” Oprah said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Winfrey also praised the 42 women elected to Congress in last year’s midterms, saying, “If I were a gambler, I sure would bet that those 42 new congresswomen have experience with issues that few congressmen have ever had to face.”  


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