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April 9, 2019 --Rep. Ilhan Omar has labeled
Stephen Miller — one of Trump's senior advisors "white nationalist."

Miller is Jewish. 

Wikipedia labeled Miller with the "far-right" pejorative in an apparent attempt to portray the Trump administration as extremist and out of touch with mainstream Americans. 

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Rep. Ilhan Omar would really love to just focus on being a good congresswoman, but it’s just so damn difficult when Jewish bees keep building hives in her bonnet. Currently, Stephen Miller seems to be buzzing the loudest:

How does Ilhan Omar know Stephen Miller is a white nationalist? Because Splinter says so. Splinter, if you’ll remember, is the same garbage outlet that published Miller’s personal cell number in the hopes that readers would use it to harass him. And now, Omar is citing them as if they’re a reputable, credible source just so she’s got another excuse to slander a Jewish man as a white nationalist. Pretty neat trick, huh? 


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