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April 19, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Derrion Albert, a 16-year-old black student, was beaten to death by a black Chicago mob. Some refer to black-on-black homicides as "a self cleaning oven." Albert, however, was an honor student. 

One of the black males convicted in the crime was set free. His 30-year prison sentence has effectively been dropped. He will be placed on probation. 

It is apparent that black lives matter little to social justice warriors who seem more interested in advancing cultural Marxism than genuine justice. 

Black-on-black crime kills more blacks every few months than were killed during the 84-year-long lynching era.

From WLS ▼

But one teen - known then as "D.J." - was 14 at the time. Prosecutors say he punched Albert and knocked him down, saying that he signed "his death certificate."

Albert's family says then-Assistant State's Attorney Kim Foxx decided to go the EJJ prosecution route and explained it to them.

"Kim Foxx kept telling us that was the best way to go, that way we have some kind of, the safety net," said Anjanette Albert, Derrion's mother. "That way if he got in trouble he goes back, that's what it is."

In 2015, 14-year-old "D.J." was now 20 year old Dionte Johnson - out of juvenile prison - arrested and charged with felony aggravated fleeing after a Chicago police chase. Court records obtained by the I-Team show prosecutors filed notice that they were "seeking to revoke stay of his adult sentence."

"They said that because he got in trouble now we were going to get the 30 years," Anjanette Albert said.

Johnson was convicted of the felony on November 8, 2016, Election Day. The same day that Foxx, who supervised the Albert case convictions, won the state's attorney's race. Soon after, the Albert family says they were called to a meeting at the juvenile court building.

"They call us down there and tell us that the state's attorney decided to not pursue the motion," said Norman Golliday, Derrion's grandfather.

Anjanette Albert said they told them that, "Kim Foxx decided not to go any further with this to just, it's over. She's going to drop it and he's going to get out and there was nothing that we could do."

Cook County prosecutors were no longer seeking to enforce the 30-year sentence. Instead, they'd ask a judge for probation.  



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