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April 23, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Not all whites are suburbanites and not all suburbanites are white. But casual drive through Baltimore reveals that some areas of the metroplex are darker while others are lighter or, as the columnist says, "there are certain parts of the city that are safer than others."

A column in the Baltimore Sun urges suburbanites to revist the city they have abandoned as if they had kicked a "bad habit."

(Curiously, Zimbabwe's government seems to be making a similar plea, offering compensation to white farmers.) 

The columnist also hints at implicit racist bias when she writes, "What’s more, evil can rear its ugly head anywhere, whether in places of worship in Christchurch or Charleston or a newsroom in Annapolis."

The point?

The columnist is making a plea for suburbanites (whites?) to return to Baltimore. And bring you fat wallets and generous hearts. There are bums with squeegees who need you. So look past the violence, corruption, and panhandlers, and "find the charm beneath."  

Read the column here ►

Baltimore's demographics: Red is white; blue is black.


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