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April 3, 2019 -- Karina Vetrano is dead. The 30-year-old white woman was assaulted by a black male while jogging in New York City. 

Found guilty of sexual abuse and murder is 22-year-old Chanel Lewis. 

Meanwhile, fake feminists continue to propagate the myth that an imagined white-male "patriarchy" threatens women. They ignore the epidemic of black-on-white rapes and murders that are epidemic. 

Reports say Vetrano's body was discovered by her father. 

The crime occurred in 2016. Lewis was arrested in 2017. He was found guilty in 2017. 

More recently a black male was arrested for raping a murdering a 21-year-old white student after she climbed into his car, mistaking him for an Uber driver. 

In decades past the white patriarchy would have lynched these rapists within hours after their crimes. 

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A man accused of murdering a New York City jogger in 2016 was convicted Monday evening, and now faces life in prison without the possibility for parole when he is sentenced in two weeks, PEOPLE confirms.

Jurors rendered their verdict after five hours of deliberation, finding Chanel Lewis, 22, guilty of sexually abusing and then strangling Karina Vetrano, 30, while she went jogging on a trail in the Howard Beach section of Queens, according to a statement from prosecutors.

Lewis was arrested in early 2017 — six months after Vetrano’s battered body was found by her father, Phil, about a dozen feet from the trail she jogged daily.


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