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April 25, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Under current policy, illegal aliens entering the USA who demontrate a "credible fear claim" of persecution in their home nations are elgible to post bond and be released into the USA. 

Once released, many simply disappear. The bond is merely one of the costs necessary to access our nation's generous welfare benefits including education, "food stamps," and free emergency healthcare. 

That loophole is about to be closed. 

The loophole stems from a 2005 (Bush-era) conclusion by the Board of Immigration Appeals.

The "credible fear claim" is by about ten percent of illegal aliens entering the USA. That's an increase from one percent in 2013.

Aliens making the "credible fear claim" are not required to prove their allegations. 

So how is the loophole being closed?

Currently, aliens are released before their hearings. Barr intends to require aliens to be held until after their hearings.  That will partially close the loophole, but not entirely.    

Barr's decision to close the loophole is limited by a Supreme Court decision that forbids the detainment of minors for more than 20 days. Consequently, "families" of aliens pour over the border. These families will not be affected by Barr's decision.

More detailed information from The Daily Signal ►


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