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March 6, 2019 -- For those who thought book burning died in Germany upon the collapse of the Third Reich, think again. 

A YouTuber is facing a five-year prison sentence for uploading a video that offended Muslims. 

If you are a German patriot and wish to access social media sites, consider finding a proxy in a free(er) nation and have that person upload your videos from the other nation. And, of course, don't use your real name.  

According to Jim Croft at, "A state-funded Soros-linked hate group with a Stasi past has publicly doxxed the young musician, who goes by the name of Shlomo Finkelstein."

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The young man began making videos critical of radical Islam, terror and mass imigration in 2014 after the attack on the satirical magazine „Charlie Hebdo“ in Paris killed 11. „There were kids in my high school who basically approved of the attack and said, it’s our fault if we insult their religion. That made me so angry, I decided to do something about it.“

Due to the constant threat from violent Antifa and death threats from angry Muslims, many conservative German YouTubers have to remain anonymous. Calling himself “Shlomo Finkelstein”, he started a channel named “The Vulgar Analysis”, in which he called out SJWs and Islamization in vivid – often obscene or insulting – terms. As a backdrop video loop, he uses images of him burning a Koran on a barbecue, frying bacon on it, urinating on it and blowing it up with fireworks. “I did it for freedom,”  Shlomo said in a recent interview. “This was the most drastic way to call out the religion that is oppressing us most.”


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